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Better date limits in maniphest queries
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It would be awesome if you could use relative time in the date limiting fields in maniphest advances (and saveable) querys when creating dashboards

Now you can add date ranges, which is good, but it would be even better if you also could do

-7d  (last 7 days)
+100d (older than 100 days)

In addition, something that could do the following would also be cool

"current week" 
"current month"
"last week"
"last month"

Might also be usefull for sprints and stuff.

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I'll just mention @oles and @voldern here so they are aware of my request (I work with them)

We use strtotime() internally, so I expect these (or some flavor of them) to work:

  • 7 days ago
  • last monday
  • -7 days
  • this monday -7 days
  • this month

At a bare minimum, we could do a better job of showing how the input was interpreted. IIRC, it's not clear now if strtotime() resolved it, and what it resolved to if so. In the long term we may want to write our own parser.

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I presume our answer here is adequate.