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Mark Releeph as a Prototype
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Users are hitting weird cases with Releeph since its neither a prototype nor a real application. It's the only application in this state, we should look at just bumping it to prototype and removing the special configurations

Hi everyone,

Releeph is uninstalled in my Phabricator install. When I hit install in the Applications application, the confirmation pops up. I klick Install again and ... nothing happens. The popup closes and I still get state Uninstalled displayed.

What am I doing wrong or what to check please?

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What are you using Releeph for? It's currently a prototype application and not for general use.

I am not able to replicate any install bug on my test install. For installing Prototypes, make sure you have set to true.

Hey chad,

I want to try it out - it is a little confusing to me, that you now tell this should be a prototype application, since it shows up using a search query limited to released applications only:

Unbenannt-1.png (411×1 px, 47 KB)

Is it missing it's prototype flag somehow?

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Releeph is a prototype application but not officially listed as one. This is a long and complicated story. Releeph is not ready for external use.

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