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Remarkup recognising tel: URIs in hyperlinks
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Remarkup doesn't recognise [[ | tel: URIs ]] in hyperlinks even if they are added to setting uri.allowed-protocols.

This is because they don't match the regular expression in PhutilRemarkupDocumentLinkRule::markupDocumentLink, which treats the similarly //-less mailto: scheme as a special case.

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Possibly interesting recent discussion about tel:// vulnerabilities, although I don't think that applies in this case since we don't have a native app.

  • This should work after D10449 lands.
  • Because this protocol is not common, I've left it out of the default set. You can use a command like phabricator/ $ ./bin/config set uri.allowed-protocols '{"http":true, "https":true, "mailto":true, "tel":true}' to add it.
  • If you have existing links, run phabricator/ $ ./bin/cache purge --purge-remarkup to purge the caches.
  • I'm only like 95% sure the implementation is correct since I don't have a convenient way to test it on a real device with telephony capabilities (iOS Simulator just fails when clicking a "tel:" link), yell if you're still seeing issues.
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