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Differential: Log Herald Changes of Blocking Reviewer Status
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I have a Herald rule that adds alice and bob as blocking reviewers on a project. A revision was created that already contained alice as a reviewer. In the log on the diff it shows Herald adding bob as a reviewer but makes no mention of upgrading alice from a regular reviewer to a blocking reviewer. For that matter, the fact that bob was added as a blocking reviewer (as opposed to regular) is not mentioned.

Consider adding the change to alice's reviewer status to the log as well as the fact that bob is a blocking reviewer.

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I'm going to merge this into T10967. Although it would be possible to fix in advance of that, I think it is unlikely that we'll pursue the changes outside of the larger infrastructure changes discussed there.

In general, the transaction log should make it clear when reviewers are upgraded to blocking or downgraded to non-blocking. These changes are possible on the current edge code, but would be much simpler after returning to a dedicated table.