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Add Order By, Group By Workboard in Maniphest ApplicationSearch
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Right now there is no way to use ApplicationSearch with Workboards/Maniphest. This would be useful to explore

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✘ Merged into T418.

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Oh sorry, can you clarify the task. Do you want more options to be able to search on, or do you want query results to display additional on the task objects returned?

Three first are "Display additional info on task objects returned", but the last would be "able to search on", or more correctly "be able to order by"

T418 is our task for "let people customize the object items, like tasks, diffs, etc". I don't know if we have a task for adding querying Maniphest by Project Workboard Column offhand.

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Yeah, T418 is "customize stuff".

We're not currently planning to implement a query-by-column, because columns with the same name on different boards aren't instances of a single object. It would essentially be "query by column name", which is a pain to implement and use, and renaming columns would silently break queries.

After T5474, you'll be able to write column triggers which (for example) add or remove projects or set custom field values when tasks are moved to a column. If you want to find all tasks that are "In Progress", you can have your various "In Progress" columns set a "Task State" field to "In Progress", or add an "In Progress" project. Then you can search for the tasks by searching for this field or project.

It's possible we might do "in columns named: ..." eventually, but I want to do T5474 first and see if that covers it.

Is that you can't search for Maniphest:Backlog or you can't search for *:Backlog.