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regression: notifications are not received at ticket creation
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When we used Phab 20140518.git3a81f8c, everything worked fine. Since we upgraded to 20140721.git55fed95, I noticed I no longer receive many ticket notifications. After a bit of debugging, it seems that the notifications are no longer sent out for certain Herald conditions at ticket creation, but they are sent out when the ticket is updated.

My Maniphest Herald rule is like this:

When any of these conditions are met:
Projects include any of task-depcheck, new-check-ideas, papercuts, task-upgradepath, task-rpmlint, libtaskotron

Take these actions every time this rule matches:
Add emails to CC kparal

If somebody creates a ticket with any of these projects assigned, I don't get an email. The transcript says:

kparal: add me to CC for selected projects

    ✘ Condition: Projects include any of libtaskotron, new-check-ideas, papercuts, task-depcheck, task-rpmlint, task-upgradepath
    FAIL No conditions matched.

Even though it's clearly visible in the ticket that one of those projects is assigned to the ticket. When somebody updates that ticket, I receive an email and transcript correctly says the conditions matched.

If I remove the condition from the Herald rule and instead simply say "always add CC", that rule is matched in transcript. So the bug is most probably in condition evaluation or some timing (projects added after ticket evaluated?).

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If needed, I'll hang around in #phabricator during central European working hours.

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This should be fixed by 0b5fcb3 (Jul 26), which came a few days after the version you upgraded to (Jul 21). If you upgrade past that and still have issues, let us know.