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able to set the "visible to" and "projects" fields for a differential revision via the .arcconfig file
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it's usually a git repo would like to have some default acesss policy. if it can be set in .arcconfig file, then all the differential revisions of this repo have same access policy.
no need to change the visible to and projects fields manually.

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Revisions that are associated with a repository require users to be able to view the repository in order to be able to view the revision.

You can click the policy link in the header of any object to get a description of special rules. In the case of Differential revisions, you'll see something like this:

  • <Whatever the policy is set to.>
  • The owner of a revision can always view and edit it.
  • A revision's reviewers can always view it.
  • If a revision belongs to a repository, other users must be able to view the repository in order to view the revision.

(For projects, we could probably give you an "Add Projects" Herald rule after T2628 which would let you add projects based on the repostiory.)

The repository is not hosted by diffusion but by gitolite.

I can't find the policy link mentioned.

Here's the dialog. I've circled the link I clicked to bring it up:

Screen_Shot_2014-08-24_at_7.54.28_PM.png (965×1 px, 241 KB)

You can import the repository into Diffusion, then set policies on it. arc will recognize the repository by comparing the origin URI to the Diffusion URI, or you can use repository.callsign in your .arcconfig to specify it explicitly. See:

Sorry, here's the screenshot with the link circled:

policy.png (965×1 px, 190 KB)