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Allow shared remarkup snippets across Phriction documents
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It would be extremely useful to be able to share remarkup snippets across Phriction documents. A typical usage scenario is dates: you might need to display a milestone in multiple wiki docs but it requires a lot a maintenance to keep all the places in sync.

It could also be used for anything else like a list of items.

It can be done today using Paste but it's quite a bit of overhead and paste is really designed for code i.e. it doesn't do remarkup (right?). Also Pastes cannot be edited as easily as wiki docs because of their specific access control - only the creator can edit them.

A possibility would be allowing a wiki doc to include another wiki doc using a special #include syntax.

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I think Dashboard panels are probably the most similar embeddable today:


Maybe a reasonable workaround for the moment? Still a fair amount of overhead and a bit heavy visually, but there's remarkup support and full policies.

Document includes are something I could see us building in the future, but probably not until at least after the next major Phriction update.

We could also make it easier to get from an embedded widget to the actual widget, there's no technical or product reason that we don't have some kind of link on the embed.

Do you think I can build a tentative document include solution through a remarkup extension?

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There's no technical reason it won't work, but it might be a little tricky to build. Anything you built today might need some updating after T4029.