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Can we provide a well format mail notification in maniphest?
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Currently the format from Maniphest mail notification of updates to a task is not very easy reading, and file attached cannot be download via mail directly.

Look to see if we can make the mail functionality better to read. Attached mail format from Redmine and Sharepoint for reference.

Current Maniphest Mail format:

Redmine mail format:

Sharepoint mail format:

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✘ Merged into T992.

We use all text emails because supporting HTML across hundreds of clients and parsing out HTML replies is exceedingly difficult and time consuming (the ongoing support would be overwhelming). The benefits are also very very slight. Most of the complaints are more onboarding issues (hard to read is an onboarding issue, not a formatting issue). These problems go away after a short time using the product.

T992 has some discussion on HTML email. Merging this into T1020.

Thanks for the response.

I know what you are most concern on.
but still looking forward for a easy reading format even plain text way.