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Task filing from Differential
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One of the ideas just being discussed at work is around having a lightweight way of creating tasks related to a diff. For example, if there's a side issue on an open diff that deserves a separate discussion off of the diff, or if there's a diff that's already closed but you want to do some follow-up that doesn't call for a "Raise Concern".

One design would be if you left a comment or inline comment with some special new markup like 'Filing {TNEW: Fix this ugly hack} for this'. Then Phabricator could process this by filing a task like "T-3000: Fix this ugly hack in D123435" and the original comment would end up reading as "Filing {T-3000} for this.

@epriestley, what do you think?

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No real plans to pursue this in the short term. You can use the + menu in the global menu bar to quickly "Create New.. Maniphest Task", and after T4036 you'll get a soft backlink for free if you mention the revision somewhere in it. This doesn't help out installs which don't use Maniphest, of course.

Particularly, a more general growth path here would be to let "Create New..." create contextual objects (but how do we tell when the user wants a contextual object vs a noncontextual object?) and possibly add keyboards shortcuts.

Cool, yeah those are good questions, I see why this doesn't make sense.