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Allow dashboard panels to have an auto-refresh time
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I have a dashboard panel set to query a list of buildables. It'd be handy if the panel automatically refreshed every 5 minutes or so (configurable through the panel edit screen) so I can leave the dashboard open to observe builds.

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Would it make sense for the whole dashboard to refresh? That is, maybe this should be some sort of view mode on the dashboard itself?

Are you planning to throw this on a monitor, or do you just want any random windows which happen to have Phabricator open to keep themselves more or less up to date?

In my scenario it's so I can just have the dashboard open while I'm waiting for the build to finish (my use case might also be handled by sending real time notifications over Aphlict and updating build pages like that, but the dashboard works best for multiple commits).

I think the dashboard refresh is probably useful as well though; the reason for suggesting per panel is simply because the panels already load in an AJAX manner and have configurable settings.

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Maybe not exactly related but we'd love this feature for harbormaster build status page.