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ldap user with the same email address as root cannot be imported into phabricator
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I have a root user setup with my corporate email address. If I try to import my regular ldap login into phabricator it fails with this error :
#1062: Duplicate entry '' for key 2, where is also the email used by the root user.

No error was seen in any of the logs in /var/log/httpd

Running on apache on CentOS 5.10
Version : 2.2.3
Release : 85.el5.centos

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What is your expectation here? Throwing an error seems correct, though we can make it prettier / more human readable?

I was expecting no error at all. I might be the adminstrator, but I also need to use phabricator for code review, where I should not be posting as "root"

Admins have very little rights in Phabricator, they are not really "root".

That's fine, my point was simply that the admin user is not allowed to be a registered phabricator user

Sorry, I misunderstood this in IRC. This is just a duplicate of T4137 -- roughly, LDAP import is super buggy (someone wrote it a while ago and I accepted the patch, but probably should not have). We haven't had time to fix it yet.