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Literal block doesn't work inside tables
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While looking for a way to escape a | inside a table cell (using the pipe table syntax, not the HTML syntax) I discovered that the literal block %%% syntax doesn't work inside tables.

Side question: Is there a way to escape | inside a table cell when using the pipe syntax?

Example of markup I expect to work.

| asdf | %%%asdf ||%%% |


Rendered preview:


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Similar issue: backticks don't escape the pipe in table syntax.

| Operator | Example |
| --- | --- |
| Bitwise AND | `a & b` |
| Bitwise OR | `a | b` |
| Logical OR | `a || b` |
Bitwise ANDa & b
Bitwise OR`ab`
Logical OR`ab`

You end up with a horrible mess.