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Moving a wiki doc to the automatic location of a project page might not work properly
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I tried this once: we had a page with info on what would become a project but wasn't at the time. Then I created the project and figured I could just "move" that wiki page to the location for the project wiki page. It was allowed and worked but things were not working perfectly fine afterwards i.e. I think that wiki page was not appearing under "Projects" in the hierarchy. Moving it back did not fix the issue. I had to go in the database to fix things and manually delete some records.

That's an edge case granted, but if this is not robust, is there any reason to allow moving docs right under "Projects" in the first place?

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My plan is to remove the magical /projects/ directory: it predates real policies, is inflexible, and causes a lot of problems like this.

This is already mostly supported at the query layer, just not exposed in the UI (see T4029). You'll be able to make anything a "project" page by setting the policies appropriately.

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The magical projects stuff is gone. Any legacy documents have the project policy, and then otherwise folks can create documents whereever policy allows. See T4029 for details.