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Better handling of anchored links in Phriction
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Jun 16 2014, 10:55 AM
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Well the problem is that now I need to know "magically" what the anchor of a header will be to make a link to it.

For example if you have:

Some introduction text.

= A header title very very long =

Some more text.

And I want to make a link to the "A header title", I want to use:

[[#A header title very very long]]

But we need to write


It is very tedious to write it using "-" each time a space or accent vocal appears and also need to count the numbers of letters when it could be do by the Remarkup processor without much more problems.

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I'd love to see anchor indicators when hovering headings.

See the online systemd documentation for example - hover any heading and watch the anchor indicator show up which easily allows to simply copy the whole URL.