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App naming is a barrier to entry
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Feedback from one of the teams I'm working with: the naming of some of the core apps makes it harder for new developers to come up to speed on Phabricator initially and is a low-level source of friction even after the initial ramp-up. Specific example from one team member: Why isn't the wiki labeled "Wiki" instead of "Phriction?" The initial impression from a menu of apps with unfamiliar names is that there's more new stuff to learn than there really is, and it's easy to forget the special Phabricator names of apps you don't use that often.

Changing the app names would be a problem, of course, but I wonder if some of this could be addressed using the translation system. Barring that, tooltips might help, so you don't have to go clicking through to each app trying to find the one you want.

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Strike that last comment about tooltips; I see they're already there.

Some context on the specific issue here:

Generally, the home page is overwhelming to new users right now, independent of application names. We have some more direct attacks on that in queue:

Work in these areas may mitigate application name confusion to some degree: for example, by allowing an administrator to reconfigure the home page so only a small number of applications are "above the fold" when users log in for the first time, rather than exposing them to the full list of available applications immediately, and by allowing them to put relevant/contextual information on the home page to orient new users.

Feedback we get about this is sometimes pretty severe and emotional and seems out of line with the actual amount of confusion I'd expect these names to cause (see for a handy example of some strong feelings) so I think this may partly be an easy thing for users who have an overwhelming initial experience to latch onto as problematic, because it's more difficult to express that the entire homepage isn't very cohesive or focused and kind of just dumps them into the melee without any guidance.

This line of thinking may or may not be on the right track, but I think what we're likely to do here is try to fix the homepage first and then see how much feedback we're still getting about application names. If it doesn't abate much we can look at that more specifically.

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Closing as wontfix for now - we can re-open if the riots continue / address this on a new task(s) that are filed. Homepage progress has been humming along so maybe this is a bit better already?