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Google Login Errors ("usageLimits" / "accessNotConfigured", circa March 2014)
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If your Phabricator Google login is failing with "usageLimits" / "accessNotConfigured" errors, take these steps:

  • Update Phabricator.
  • Log in to the Google Cloud Console ( and enable the "Google+ API" for your "API Project".
  • (You might need to wait a few minutes for this setting to take effect.)
  • Everything should work properly again.


Google seems to have made some API changes recently which broke our login integration. The call to "userinfo" returns with a "usageLimits" / "accessNotConfigured" error.

We currently use a deprecated API to get information from Google, but it is supposed to continue working until Sept 1, 2014 according to this timeline:

Recently, it seems to be failing instead. I wasn't able to find a way to adjust configuration to make the current code continue to work. The error is consistent with some required API being disabled, but I enabled the 15-20 most likely seeming APIs and wasn't able to get it working. Since remedying this requires user action anyway (reconfiguration of their Google application), we're just upgrading to the new API so we don't have to go through this again in 6 months.

The primary fix is D8612; D8613 updates the documentation.

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(This should be resolved, it's mostly so we can point people here who report issues.)