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Pholio Image Sizes
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Rather than having a link to the full image size, I think the full image size should display within a frame. For larger images its a pain to go to the full size image then come back and try to figure out where on the small image you need to leave a review on. 1366x768 seems to be the current standard for browser size and this shrunken down is hard to leave a review on.

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+1 i just did a pholio review and it was painful to switch back and forth between fullsize and pholio to leave my comments.

There are newer mocks for Pholio floating around that should alleviate this. We're just never sure how much time to put into Pholio, we don't have a clear idea on how many installs use it.

Well this install is planning on using it heavily. Anything we can do to help?

FWIW, I just noticed that Pholio seems to control image width via browser height, which seems to be the root of the problem. If I have a narrow-but-tall browser, it looks way better than a wide-but-short window.

Screenshot_2014-03-20_10.45.59.png (384×1 px, 104 KB)

Screenshot_2014-03-20_10.46.13.png (1×1 px, 423 KB)

We currently scale the image according to the browser window's size, so that the entire image can fit inside the browser window without scrolling. Some considerations in selecting this rule include:

  • The stage is always the same size, so UI above/below the stage doesn't jump around as you scroll through images.
  • This rule gives us consistent behavior regardless of what image sizes are uploaded.
  • It makes some workflows (like browsing through a mock quickly looking for a particular image so you can share it) fairly good in all cases.
  • It was an easy rule to choose for v1 which doesn't have any crazy edge cases.
  • It's relatively consistent with the mobile behavior, where this kind of behavior seems clearly better than other behaviors.

These aren't necessarily the right considerations, and some of them privilege weird edge cases over the common case. We should lean more toward the common case than we do now (although I don't want to, e.g., make normal cases work 5% better and make weird/large image sizes completely broken and unusable).

I think the next mock on Pholio gets rid of the gutter, which will give you that room back for scaling. I think it improves some other UI issues, like the inlines looking a bit weird in general, too. Let's start there and we can see how far that gets us? If that's not much better, the next thing I'd probably want to relax is the vertical scale on the stage, but that will start making a few things worse (for example, the UI below the image will start jumping around as you scroll through images). We could look at framing the image, too, but I worry that makes more things worse faster (for example, browsing through a collection of images to find a particular one will become more difficult in some cases, since you could only, e.g., see the upper left corner of each image).

In any case, feedback like this is helpful. Thanks!

This was the 'unbeta' direction we were looking at:

  • Inline Comments annotation-like and threaded
  • Inline Comments provide a non-scaled view of the comment
  • Image Browser is off by default, hideable
  • You can browse (up,down) history of an image

pholio_unbeta-V1.png (1×1 px, 342 KB)

and wow, these mocks are like 9 months old.


@chad that mock definitely looks like it is headed in the right direction. uses this same style of comment "pins" and it works well.

I'm going to try to finish out the mocks for the v1 Pholio, and taskify the results. I'm pretty positive we can finish Pholio in about 2-3 tasks and 1 engineer's week. It won't happen immediately, but I think it's worth having ready so it could be finishing sooner than later, even if I have to spend all my design-cred-tokens on @epriestley to make it happen.

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@chad, how are things going on this?

I'll probably have my end done by early May. I want to revisit the v2 mocks, update, and create discrete tasks. It is helpful to know people are interested.

Just wanted to mention that this will likely find extensive use by the Wikimedia Design Team. Pholio is a really nice tool, definitely interested in seeing it improve.

This should be significantly better since we've expanded the Pholio stage.

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I'm going to close this since we no longer scale based on the vertical window height and now allocate far more space for images, and from what we've seen/heard the new version works much better. If you're still hitting issues, feel free to file a task based on how you'd like the new UI adjusted.