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Phabricator high cpu usage
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I have recently setup phabricator with 2 repositories in Diffusion, CPU usage is constantly in nineties (95.6%) ever since. Could you please give me some pointers to fix this;

24403 git       20   0  275m  27m 7832 R  95.6  2.8 152:25.52 php

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I have restarted phabricator daemons, php5-fpm and nginx, but the cpu usage is still very high.

from htop logs;

24403 git        20   0  275M 28284  7832 R 94.7  2.8  2h45:30 php /opt/phab/phabricator/bin/ssh-exec --phabricator-ssh-user vnykmshr

If you kill all the high activity processes, do they reappear? They might be leftovers from setup. We haven't seen any reports of this kind of behavior from established installs.

Killed it, there was just one. Hope it does not affect my install. Did a fresh clone from local and pushed changes. Everything seems to be stable now.


Cool, let us know if you see more issues.

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