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Display search types by some weight/order
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I think we might want a specific order to the Document Types, instead of just alphabetical. I don't like hunting for Task (though I do have tasks returned by default).


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Do you have a particular weight/order in mind?

Something that jumps out to me is that "Differential Revision" and "Phabricator User" are out of place in this context, and should probably just be "Revision" and "User".

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What order do you want?

I don't see any way to order these document types in general other than alphabetically (they don't have any other types of attributes we can sort on). We may be able to put them in "application order" (roughly, the order of things you have on your homepage) but I think they aren't 1:1 with applications, and I'd guess that's not the right order (you probably want "tasks" first, but probably don't have "maniphest" first)?

Probably just Tasks first. I'd guess that app order doesn't always mean search order (you may put memes up high, but never search). But I think most/all installs that use Maniphest probably search for that the most?

Okay I am going to change it to: task, then everything else alphabetically.

If anyone ever complains that this is confusing you get to deal with it though.

I'll fix the revision/user labels too.

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