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Subpriority transactions incorrectly publish feed stories
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A user created this story earlier:

The task is:

The story looks like this:

mysql> select * from feed_storydata where chronologicalKey = '5986919677825776582'\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
              id: 80430
            phid: PHID-STRY-bmglgbj3b4zpva2pr44q
chronologicalKey: 5986919677825776582
       storyType: PhabricatorApplicationTransactionFeedStory
       storyData: {"objectPHID":"PHID-TASK-codp5cwfcb76jv6rijqd","transactionPHIDs":["PHID-XACT-TASK-dx73bqvyyvuckhc"]}
      authorPHID: PHID-USER-wp5a7h2gixwnx5ncmija
     dateCreated: 1393938362
    dateModified: 1393938362
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

The transaction looks like this:

mysql> select * from phabricator_maniphest.maniphest_transaction where phid = 'PHID-XACT-TASK-dx73bqvyyvuckhc'\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
             id: 51139
           phid: PHID-XACT-TASK-dx73bqvyyvuckhc
     authorPHID: PHID-USER-wp5a7h2gixwnx5ncmija
     objectPHID: PHID-TASK-codp5cwfcb76jv6rijqd
     viewPolicy: public
     editPolicy: PHID-USER-wp5a7h2gixwnx5ncmija
    commentPHID: NULL
 commentVersion: 0
transactionType: subpriority
       oldValue: "-174464453"
       newValue: {"newPriority":"90","newSubpriorityBase":"-174484933"}
  contentSource: {"source":"web","params":{"ip":""}}
       metadata: []
    dateCreated: 1393938362
   dateModified: 1393938362
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

I'm guessing he dragged the task, changing its subpriority, and we're just missing some code somewhere to disable publishing feed stories for these new subpriority transactions. We hide the actual transactions on the task itself.

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