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Link to Google Provider will be obsolete soon if it isn't already
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When creating Google as OAuth provider, the form asks to visit to create a new 'API Project'.
This is a dead link; the correct, recent one is

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Hmm -- the first link works correctly for me; the second one 404's:

Screen_Shot_2014-02-18_at_9.52.13_AM.png (1×1 px, 96 KB)

Ah, it looks like /console works but /console/ does not.

Does the old link not work at all for you? It shuffles me through 50 redirects, but does eventually end up in the right place.

Sorry, it did behave different yesterday. Seems like one of those redirects didn't do what was expected from it ...

Feel free to close this ticket. Thanks for minding!

It does look like the new console is going to replace the old one, and the other instructions probably need to be rewritten a bit for it. I'm not sure if Google has rolled it out to everyone yet or not so I'll probably hold off for a bit, but we should update this sooner or later.

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