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bug with requesting reviews on accepted diffs
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Buggy workflow:

  1. Brent submits diff -> diff status is "Needs Review"
  2. Evan approves diff -> diff status changes to "Approved"
  3. Brent requests review -> diff status changes to "Needs Review"
  4. Brent updates diff -> diff status changes back to "Accepted".

Seems like step 4 should keep the diff status as "Needs Review", as requesting a review should unaccept the diff until another user explicitly approves it again.

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Some modern discussion in T4481. I actually think this behavior is desirable as-is: state S was acceptable, and then we went to state S' and back to S, but I don't see the result as different from the original, acceptable state. Particularly, I would expect planning changes by accident and then immediately requesting review to cancel one another out, rather than require me to go bug people. Are there specific situations where this workflow is bad / undesirable? e.g., is there a reason that we're often actually ending up in state S'', not back in S?

Or, rather, there are two cases here:

  1. You update the revision.
  2. You "Request Review" the revision, without updating.

I think in (1), we should invalid the old accept (we've changed states), but in (2) we should not (we're back in the same state we were in before).

This should be fixed in HEAD.