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Generated gif-macros are not animated
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When I add an imagemacro like this bellow on my instance of phabricator, the image is not animated. How can I fix this?

Macro itsawesome:

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Hmm, I suspect its the libgd which is used by debian which has no gif support. Could that be a possible source?

Try installing imagemagick (the version in yum or apt-get or whatever should generally be fine), then enable files.enable-imagemagick in your Config.

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Works like a charm.

Thanks a lot.

Cool. We'll fix up the docs on this at some point. Let us know if anything else comes up.

We have a hosted instance and seem to be running into the same issue. How do we get this going in this case? (Warning: we are new to phab!)

Just confirming this is broken for phacility hosted instances (it is for us at least) and that there is no work around to date? Should this be it's own issue? Or should we reopen this issue?

@jeffprouty Shoot us an email at with details about your instance and the issue you're hitting if you're a paying customer; see also

If you have a free instance, see Planning for general information on free support, status updates, etc.