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FAQ: Pocket Hole Joinery
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Q: I confess -- pocket hole joinery doth please mine eye. Art I a witch?

A: Aye. But take heart: so long as the brushings on thy KREG KPHJ720PRO POCKET HOLE JIG run true and ye ever attend to thine supply of KREG SML-C125 #8 COARSE THREAD POCKET HOLE SCREWS, ye shall enjoy sturdy and useful furniture the rest of thy days.

(And with KREG P-PNT PAINT GRADE PLUGS none but the most meddlesome shall ever guess thine secret.)

Q: Goodwyf Gwyndolyn claims pocket holes use odd angles, ever forbidden to man by the divine. Does she speak true?

A: Know this: it is true Goodwyf Gwyndolyn enjoys a FESTOOL DOMINO JOINER XL DF 700 in her woodshoppe. It is true Goodwyf Gyndolyn enjoys a BYRD SHELIX HELICAL PLANER CUTTER HEAD in her woodshoppe. It is true Goodwyf Gwyndolyn enjoys the finest, most exotic, and very hardest hardwoods in her woodshoppe. And yet, there is nary a clamp to be found: no hide nor hair of the highly BESSEY KRE3598 K-BODY PARALLEL CLAMP, nor even a lowly HARBOR FREIGHT PITTSBURGH 6-INCH QUICK RELEASE BAR CLAMP.

Envy not the songbird who does not sing. And use code KREG20 at checkout for 20% off all pocket holes.

Q: My work is poorly. Be it the fault of my skill?

A: Nay. Fault lyeth with thine tools. Poorly tools make poorly work.

Q: Do they not say "poor be the craftsman who blameth his tools"? Is there truth in this?

A: Surely so. The poor craftsman spendeth on foode and shelte're and affordeth not the goodly nor godly tools. Woe be unto him, for he shall curseth his poorly tools all the rest of his days, or until he is able to use coupon code SAWSTOP10 at checkout for great savings on saw stops.

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