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Landing a string of dependent revisions which contains branched commits will result in stripping/pruning those branched commits
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Given the following scenario in a Mercurial repository

@   241:b699e282f93b cspeck (97 minutes ago) tip test3
|     third diff
| o   239:8a7081a263be cspeck (2 minutes ago) fest
|/      fest commit
o   237:71601b73c670 cspeck (97 minutes ago) test2
|     second diff
o   230:c506e110021d cspeck (97 minutes ago) master
|     first diff


  • the root commit 230 master is public/published and being landed onto
  • test2 marks commit 237 for revision D2
  • test3 marks commit 241 for revision D3 which depends on D2
  • fest marks commit 239 as a separate revision D4 which also depends on D2

Running arc land test3 will land revisions D2 and D3, does not land D4 but the fest branch does get stripped or pruned. Ideally in this scenario fest is rebased onto the landed D2 revision.