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Automate the Phacility export process, as a support action
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See T7148. Historically, the biggest issue with having an "Export" button on instances has been a policy issue (how do we prevent abuse, like rogue employees using data export as a policy bypass?) rather than a technical issue. The policy issue can be sidestepped by making "Export" a staff action associated with support tickets. So the flow would go:

  • Instance files a support ticket requesting an export.
  • I click a button that does the export.

All the individual export steps can already be automated as daemon actions, I believe.

This isn't really any less abusable since I have no real clue if someone requesting an export is a rogue employee or not, but it would at least be likely to catch outright nonsense.

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This is approximately working now, although the "button" is currently this mess:

admin001:/core/lib/instances/ $ PHABRICATOR_INSTANCE=admin ./bin/export --issue <issue> --instance <instance> [--trace] --