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Consider more careful cleanup of very old Repository transactions?
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I'm removing rendering support for these very old repository transaction types:

// TODO: Clean up these legacy transaction types.
const TYPE_SSH_LOGIN = 'repo:ssh-login';
const TYPE_SSH_KEY = 'repo:ssh-key';
const TYPE_SSH_KEYFILE = 'repo:ssh-keyfile';
const TYPE_HTTP_LOGIN = 'repo:http-login';
const TYPE_HTTP_PASS = 'repo:http-pass';
const TYPE_CREDENTIAL = 'repo:credential';
const TYPE_PROTOCOL_HTTP = 'repo:serve-http';
const TYPE_PROTOCOL_SSH = 'repo:serve-ssh';
const TYPE_HOSTING = 'repo:hosting';
const TYPE_LOCAL_PATH = 'repo:local-path';
const TYPE_REMOTE_URI = 'repo:remote-uri';
const TYPE_UUID = 'repo:uuid';

Repositories created several years ago may have bogus transactions in their early history corresponding to these edit types. We could just delete transactions of these types entirely if that causes an issue.

None of these transactions have been written since D15740, in April 2016.

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I don't expect we'll need to do anything here, mostly just wanted to be able to dig up a list of these if something does come up.