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SVN repositories give `Unhandled Exception ("RuntimeException")` in Diffusion
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Reproduction steps:

Expected result:

  • See the nice friendly layout showing the repo's file listing, recent commits, etc etc

Actual result:

Unhandled.png (205×680 px, 11 KB)

Unhandled Exception ("RuntimeException")

Undefined variable: form_box


phabricator7408483c2f02d955b07b36c278f21721dfe72e05 (Tue, Jul 11)
arcanist165df12046e58390f0d00f4cf3e1aa1ab0eb1365 (Thu, Jul 6)
phutil0a4487d37cd72b3b91ac332377f2b12d4e5a2543 (Fri, Jun 23)
php7.1 (
ubuntu16.04.2 LTS

As mentioned above, the issue is also visible in this instance of Phabricator too! But obviously I don't know the details here, and it seemed like a faux-pas to report a problem I'm experiencing without my own details :)

Further notes:

  • This does not appear to affect parsing of new SVN revisions.
  • Non-home pages for SVN repos are fine. For instance, browsing to works normally, as does, but the link to "Home" on the latter ( results in sadness.
  • Git repos in Diffusion do not exhibit this problem
    • which would certainly explain this not being noticed, because who the hell uses SVN these days? *weeps* (what can I say, it was hard enough to get the devs at work to upgrade from CVS -> SVN...)
  • For my own instances:
    • I'm using Ondřej Surý's widely-used PHP PPA for Ubuntu.
    • My primary install is, as listed above, using PHP 7.1 and up to date currently.
    • I tested as well on a fresh 17.04 instance, also using the aforementioned PPA since Ubuntu does not yet have PHP 7.1 available in the main package repos, and I know Phabricator doesn't support 7.0. It exhibited the same problem, even when I switched to using PHP 5.6 instead.

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I pushed a hotfix up at HEAD of master, let us know if you're still having problems. Thanks for the report!

Going to keep this Open and build out some proper blank states. This feel pretty janky.

Solves things for my instances, cheers!