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Ctrl+Enter in inline fullscreen editor leaves overlay visible after form submission
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Reproduction steps:

  • go to Workboard for a project
  • edit an existing task via its icon or create new task
  • in Description field, click on the Fullscreen Mode icon
  • hit CTRL+Enter in Windows to submit the form while in Fullscreen Mode

Expected result:

  • form submits
  • gray overlay disappears
  • previously viewable screen appears and is interactive

Actual result:

  • form submits
  • gray overlay remains over the previously viewable screen, not letting you click anywhere
  • it disappears after hitting ESC

This bug only appears in the edit flows that happen inline, without refreshing the page. It doesn't appear when editing or adding task comments, for instance.

Version info:

    b8ad999d50f6d7e28f2e2f76e453675f09335069 (Fri, Jun 2) 
    129d51fa0936c9bae48fadf3a3f39e26d69d24da (Thu, May 18) 
    a900d7b63e954e221efe140f0f33d3d701524aae (Apr 23 2017)


2017-06-02 16_29_20-Testproject · Workboard.png (793×1 px, 30 KB)

2017-06-02 16_29_26-Testproject · Workboard.png (793×1 px, 41 KB)

2017-06-02 16_30_01-Testproject · Workboard.png (793×1 px, 36 KB)

2017-06-02 16_30_04-Testproject · Workboard.png (793×1 px, 24 KB)

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@chad, bringing this up as it still persists after today's upgrade. Apologies in advance if replying to a bug is not the preferred way to resurface it.

See Planning. We don't hide the real status in another tracker. If it's here, and open, it will be addressed. Please do not ping tasks.

Roger that. I don't expect support for it and it's quite minor, I merely thought it slipped through. I will let it be, and will use in the future.