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Color the whole area of a task in order to differentiate tasks under a same column
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Dear All,

Would it be possible to color the whole area of a task, in order to create "cross-colum" categories? This color would carry a different meaning than the priority one.

As an alternative, would it be possible to reduce the area used by images that are dragged and dropped over a task? Each time I tried it, the task became visually too big, despite of the size of the image used (as I have done with this task, for example).
It would be great, as a quick win, if Phabricator would allow me to drag and drop a tinier coloured strip (way tinier), without leaving empty spaces on top or on the bottom. However, the first alternative would be surely better.

Thank you in advance,



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See Contributing Feature Requests and Describing Root Problems for what information is required on a feature request. We unfortunately do not take design suggestions as requests.

(You are always welcome to fork Phabricator to provide specific needs to your team)

ok, thank you very much as usual. Just one thing: i don´t see it as a design request, but as a feature to have categories cross-column.