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All-day reccurring events reoccurr for two days instead of one
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Hi all,

First of all I wanted to say I'm aware Phacility doesn't support prototyped applications so I'm not looking for a fix but I discovered something recently so I figured I'd make someone aware of it, as I didn't see a Maniphest task for it. I reported this issue on IRC earlier but haven't heard anything back about it yet.

I've tested this on two different Phabricator instances, but can't test this on a Phacility hosted instance as I can't enable prototype applications.

Version Information for private instance
    85d9a009a9d31413572df19537c0f485cd73c94a (Mon, Mar 20) 
    3b6b523c2b236e3724a1e115f126cb6fd05fa128 (Feb 18 2017) 
    91ab940c3979f7bd7a7c74099c46fc8884a08128 (Mar 18 2017)
Version Information for
    8f7983a5be3a56db5b79dc7c3a0eb470f1d7ca02 (Sat, Mar 25) (branched from d7b4c50941fada3b5550ed8a795be2c479f4973b on origin) 
    60aaee0ed3f5a1e4384ac7d7f2efd2c64cecbe44 (Fri, Mar 24) (branched from 06c641f92c65bb833080f84083a58e3ce7b227ae on origin) 
    b133c277014868d476f08b4ebecde2ea795509e4 (Sat, Mar 25) (branched from d0daa2b343e4a98987402d69c8c3ded8522d196f on origin)

Creating all day events and making them recur creates a recurring event but all instances of the recurring event last two full days instead of one.

Reproduction steps:

  1. On Calendar, create a new event and fill in all required fields. Name/description/attendees can be anything.
  2. On the event page, make it a weekly or monthly recurring event
  3. Look at the Calendar to see all events and look for future occurrences

Expected behavior:

  • Initial event remains unchanged
  • Duplicate all-day events exist for one full day on each occurrence, depending on recur time specified

Actual behavior:

  • Initial event remains unchanged
  • Duplicate all-day events exist for two full days, starting on the correct date and ending a day late.

The first instance I tested it on is private, but I also tested it on As you can see, the initial event is on April 17th and lasts all days. The second occurrence says 'April 24th - April 25th, all day" and is one event that takes up two full days which it should not.

Event Timeline

Do you mind verifying the bug on an up-to-date version of Phabricator?

Oh, Calendar is a prototype. :/

@chad Like I said I'm aware you guys don't support prototype apps, figured I'd just make someone aware of it, not looking to make it work right now.

But for the record, it does still happen on the latest commit for phab, libphutil, and arcanist.

phab: f801c7ae29ba240e8f29fb3677763c1c341cb239
arcanist: a59cfca5f190c44403dfc7449c678a2aa1626bb4
libphutil: 6fe33623cda69b7814a0767866400e09f4eadf3a