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Recent Activity feed shows option tag instead of name for custom field changes
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Not sure if I'm using the correct terminology to describe this. I've configured a custom field as:

"alienexplosive:task-type": {
    "name": "Type",
    "type": "select",
    "search": true,
    "options": {
      "alienexplosive:issue": "Issue",
      "alienexplosive:todo": "Task",
      "alienexplosive:requirement": "Requirement"

However, in my recent activity window I see such entries as:

david changed Type from alienexplosive:issue to alienexplosive:todo on T24: Receive RDM over BLE.

I expected to see:

david changed Type from Issue to Task on T24: Receive RDM over BLE.

version information: phabricator a56f9a1a5599bdc48ee5cde783d0da24bf332227 (Sat, Apr 15)