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Conduit - Get tasks assigned to a column
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Referencing T5214
OP mentions there's no way to get the tasks assigned to a column for a particular project.
I tried diving into all the related fixes, but it doesn't seem like this particular point was addressed.

I investigated a github library ( that goes through some hoops to associate the tasktransaction transactiontypes of type projectcolumn, to figure out what column the task is currently on. However, in my Conduit queries for tasktransaction, I'm not seeing any transactiontypes for any of my tasks that are of type projectcolumn.

I'm not sure if this might be some sort of regression or bug, where projectcolumn is no longer returned with queries for transactiontypes.

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For those looking for how to associate tasks to columns - reference the following from T12074:

There is no way to directly query for tasks by column. Instead, you can query with the columns attachment and the projects constraint to read all tasks on the board, then read tasks on the particular column from the results. Querying for all tasks in a column is internally complicated because we must do "board layout" before we can return a result: in particular, we must stick any tasks tagged with the project but not yet represented on the board into the appropriate "backlog" column. We may provide a better way to get this data eventually (especially if we allow objects other than tasks to appear on boards in the future) but this slightly roundabout approach is your best bet for now.

Hi @tappers, I can't get your query flow to work on my machine, would it be possible for you to give me a simple example of a working query ?

EDIT: Okay, so when i do the call from

With those parameters

{"columns": {"boards" : {"columns": true } } }

In the "attachments" row I get all the columns

but when i take the code from the call I seem to get only the base columns from each project (backlog ones)

echo '{
  "attachments": {
    "columns": {
      "boards": {
        "columns": true
}' | arc call-conduit --conduit-uri --conduit-token <conduit-token>

EDIT 2 : The bot seems to be a member of each project you want to discover