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Archived badges visible in comment form
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I noticed that archived badges are now visible in the comment form. I haven't seen this before, so I assume this must have been changed in the lastest stable version.

  1. Create a badge and award it to yourself.
  2. Archive the badge
  3. Write a comment in Maniphest. The archived badge is visible in the comment form.
  4. Submit the comment. The badge is not visible next to the submitted comment.

I could not reproduce it on this install, because I'm not allowed to create badges.

phabricator ae5f797c4d49f8903be8432f55e0f717c49260b7 (Sat, Mar 11) (branched from 0cc1a5c4d5285d1b0ed34bc873edf62d69e03e5d on origin)
arcanist 822bc53ca306e06314560d8a76f68771d732e8e0 (Sat, Feb 25) (branched from 3b6b523c2b236e3724a1e115f126cb6fd05fa128 on origin)
phutil 796cb1c2ee274397a8a7bc6c10566fd751619d6d (Sun, Mar 5) (branched from 13a200ca7621ab2b48a0c395f52f8c4411bbc686 on origin)