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PhrequentSearchEngine missing in Dashboards
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I use Phrequent searches in a Dashboards panel to see which tasks are active and which were recently active. This shows an exception now.

Exception: Application search engines of class "PhrequentSearchEngine" can not be used to build dashboard panels.

I could not figure out if this change was intended or a bug. Sorry, if I missed some information, but it seems the search for Phrequent items directly within the application itself is still available, so I think it was not intended.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to:
  2. Take a look at the items in the Search For combo box, Phrequent is not available there.

Version info


9124bb416241bb117d50ced260e3b23e830882dd (Sun, Mar 5) (branched from 8e26916f7faf4a3348c22e528824f0088e7a6275 on origin)


822bc53ca306e06314560d8a76f68771d732e8e0 (Sat, Feb 25) (branched from 3b6b523c2b236e3724a1e115f126cb6fd05fa128 on origin)


796cb1c2ee274397a8a7bc6c10566fd751619d6d (Sun, Mar 5) (branched from 13a200ca7621ab2b48a0c395f52f8c4411bbc686 on origin)