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Setting 2 columns in one transaction breaks the Task UI
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I managed to get the error when I open the task - Undefined variable: board_phid.

The reason is simple - via conduit maniphest.edit API I set 2 columns via one transaction (both columns where in different projects).


Transaction entry in DB ended up being something like this:


If this is split up in 2 transactions - no problem, but if it's within one - Task is unopenable via UI.
I actually haven't tested what would happen if I would send 2 columns within the same project, but I assume it will break as well.

Version info:

phabricator 6765cf14f30bc17085a63c4b3d5f240177167138 (Mon, Jan 16) (branched from 50de3071acafe315d49647be31646a52511a2dc2 on upstream) 
arcanist 5763e6a4949376136b41578828f2da4801e10dba (Sat, Jan 14) 
phutil 47a4d44a0b182b99ee2a85e9255ea981b493d669 (Sat, Jan 14)