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Tighten "Needs Review" category
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Currently, if there are a number of reviewers listed for something in "Needs Review", and you are one of the reviewers, it is always listed under "Needs Review".

However, if one of the other reviewers is a blocking reviewer (rejected a previous diff, is a blocking reviewer for other reasons) and would satisfy the full review requirements, this means I see something high on my to-do list which isn't actionable. If I wait until a mandatory thing is done by someone else, it will be resolved.

I would request a "Waiting on Other Reviewers" category to handle this case. I personally would like a a combined "Waiting on Authors/Other Reviewers", to reduce the number of categories, but I see the argument against lumping categories together.

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P.S. I love the new categories, they're my favorite improvement in the last year!

Please read and follow the guidelines in Contributing Feature Requests, this should have been at the top of the Feature Request form (see below). Unfortunately we're not able to take requests that don't state a root problem.

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Closing for lack of feedback. You can make custom dashboard panels for whatever query / state you want to track.