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Passphrase uses "edit" permission to decide who can see the secret, not the "visible" permission
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  1. Create a new Passphrase Credential
  2. pick Token
  3. give name
  4. select Visible To dropdown, pick Custom Policy
  5. Allow users: {me}, {another person}
  6. Save Policy
  7. leave "Editable By" as is ("Credential Author")
  8. Token: asdf
  9. Save
  10. Send link to "{another person}"

Them to be able to reveal the secret.

They're told they're not allowed to reveal the secret because they don't have the Edit permission

You Shall Not Pass: K8	
You do not have permission to edit this object.
Users with the "Can Edit" capability:
The author of this credential can take this action.

Setting the same custom policy on Editable By removes the issue and lets them reveal the secret but it also lets them edit it.


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