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Multi-currency options for Phortune
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My team runs its business on Korea.
And we use Phortune to invoice among parts (especially financial part and others) for server maintenance and domain registration fee, etc.
Phortune shows its price as USD only yet.
So we have been assumed USD as a KRW(Korean Won) internally.

However, handling invoices for each currency(KRW and JPY) by Phortune comes to be a major issue when we plan to extend our business to Japan.
Our private method is broken with international business because we cannot assume USD as KRW and JPY simultaneously.


You may know that converting a price from a currency to another does not make sense when writing an invoice.
Every invoice should be written their prices as-is their own/original currency for many and substantial reasons.

We tried to resolve this problem in many ways, but any internal solutions/methods could not solve the problems correctly. (Separating accounts for each currency, uses different titles, etc.)
Many attempts always break our processes, and we conclude that there is no way without Phortune with a multi-currency option.


Is it possible to add

  • currency selector in 'new invoice' form of Phortune
  • additional currency configuration (to add KRW, JPY, GBP, EUR, etc.)

What we want is only currency option for each invoice,
not converting nor better formatting/showing feature for i18n compatibility.
Of course, multiple currencies in an invoice would be better, but not needed for us now.

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Phortune is prototype application, which means "The upstream does not offer support for these applications".

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Thanks for the suggestion but we have no current plans to un-prototype Phortune. Fork / patch as you need locally.