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Badges: Unwanted entry at the history
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phabricator f9a58fafba0d15e043f20e410bbe782357130183 (Tue, Jun 14)
arcanist c13e5a629535f460ca1a16d0bfe6d95f43b70b78 (Thu, Jun 9)
phutil fb1e159d36402cc5f6cdb64726599acf784283b6 (Mon, Jun 13)

How to reproduce

  1. Create a badge, set a quality
  2. Edit the badge, edit one or more options, but not the quality, and save
  3. The history has now an obvious entry, something like: Luke updated the quality for this badge from "Uncommon" to "Uncommon".

I tested this with every option, this entry get's always created. This issue was not always present, see for example.