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Allow inbound e-mail without any agent configuration via IMAP
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Apr 10 2012, 9:28 PM
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I've once implemented a solution which periodically checked incoming e-mail from PHP through IMAP and took actions based on their contents.

It is significantly easier to set up than solutions described in Configuring Inbound Email and it can be used with any mailbox (even hosted).

I'm giving it a Wishlist priority with the addendum that it's not my wish (I don't personally need this feature). But I can implement it (or help with implementation) if anyone is interested.

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Looks like that was just testing.

would be good to have as this way all the SPAM configs are already done before the Email arrives on the inBox, further email can be checked with deamons like fetching reps. therefore emails will be collected even when fabricator was not running for a while.

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T7268 discusses a similar kind of mailbox, albeit not IMAP (Mailgun has an HTTP-based mailbox API). Conceivably, other protocol support might be desirable eventally.

When this gets built, we should probably assume the protocol part is pluggable/modular rather than specifically IMAP, and just implement IMAP first.

This would be extremely useful when setting up Phabricator on Openshift and can't use external servers for security reasons. Right now I can't see any way of enabling inbound email for me since I can't use external services like Mailgun and can't set up my own MTA since I don't have root access.

Setting up a dedicated email address that Phabricator could poll would solve both those problems.

+1 for this from me, internally for us getting a new gmail account (provides IMAP/POP access) is relatively easy, but getting necessary MX records/mail routing/etc... for a local copy of sendmail is significantly more difficult.

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This is a big chunk of work with no current customer interest. It could be implemented as a third-party extension today; otherwise I think it's unlikely to move forward without customer interest.