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Daily TODO list
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first of all thanks for the great (and free!) product!

Is it possible to create a custom page where I can drag & drop & reorder any number of TODO tasks assigned to me?

The idea is to have "a daily TODO list" where I can add / reorder / remove my assigned tasks. Right now I have to copy / paste the tasks in Toodledo or another TODO list application. That's waste of time and contra-productive.

Thanks for any advice or support!

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Tasks are already re-orderable (to just you) in Maniphest. Not sure what else you want? T5793 might also be of interest.

I am involved in few projects and I have several issues for each project.

Currently I see all my issues on my home page. The tasks are sorted by priority. This long list doesn't help. I pick few tasks and copy them in another application so I have a TODO list with the daily tasks only. I am able to sort them (like A1, A2, B1, C1, C2 ...) and then it's simple to track my progress.

My question is how I can achieve such "daily TODO list" inside Phabricator to avoid manually copy and then mark completed tasks.

This way of work is quite ordinary "GTD personal" style. I am aware Phabricator is more PM tool. Any ideas are welcome :)

Thank you!