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Please bring back task lists on project pages
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Over the past couple years that we've used Phab, we enjoyed the convenience of clicking a project name and landing on a page listing all of the tasks associated with the project (taking the full length of the main content area). It's not only convenient but for us, it's the most common use case for using projects.

At some point, possibly when workboards was introduced, this page disappeared. We'd love for this page to come back, even if you don't want it to be the main page. We don't use workboards on many of our projects as they function as tags and do not warrant workboards. So the only way to view this list is to go through the many-click process of doing a filtered query. What used to take 1 second now takes 30-60.

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You can customize your navigation to point to open tasks on any Project. For now, you just have to manually add each link to each project.