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Workbord columns vs task statuses - when to use which?

Asked by kuba-orlik on Sep 22 2017, 6:57 AM.


Columns and task statuses seem to overlap a lot in meaning in purpose. What is the thinking behind them? Should I rather have a "doing" column or a "doing" task status? Or maybe both (but that would be tedious)? Which approach reflects the thinking of the creators of Phabricator the best?


Updated 2,454 Days Ago

For me - I see columns worth using when you need to see things in project work board, like something then let's you quickly see where the current task is.
Task status on the other hand is more for workflows you have and more lower level thing to use, because you can also maybe use additional Herald rules or even more, which as far as I remember you will not be able to do with Columns.

But this is for me only, would like to see other point of views on this one too.

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