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Could you add link to external bug tracker feature in Differential also?

Asked by mirage315 on Apr 22 2017, 3:01 PM.


There is a feature in Diffusion which cause bug IDs like "ABC-123" in a commit message to be turned into links.
The description in Differential would become commit message after acr land.
We would descript this revision is related to which bug id of external bug tracker.
It makes reviewer clearly get more information about this revision.
So could you add this feature in Differential also?


Updated 1,128 Days Ago

You can build your own local remarkup rules by extending remarkup and have it parse whatever URL you want (and turn it into a link or any other kind of style. I believe you can also add fields to Differential by extending the code there as well, look at DifferentialJIRAIssuesCommitMessageField.

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