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Removing LDAP authentication from a Phabricator installation

Asked by lucasb on Feb 16 2017, 12:21 AM.



I need to disconnect LDAP authentication on our Phabricator installation, as the service that we are using will soon be deprecated. Is it possible to switch my users to basic password/username authentication?

Some notes:

  • We tried connecting a 'Username/Password' account in Settings > External Accounts. There is no option to do this for users that have signed in strictly using LDAP.
  • We only have 15 users, so updating the user table directly is definitely not out of the question. I would need some guidance on how to do this properly though.

Thank you,


Installation info

phabricator 0439645d5bb062c38e8df664ab51d706caff3d55 (Apr 9 2016) 
arcanist 737f5c0df976fe2b3178aac6ab7feb3d3621d99e (Apr 9 2016) 
phutil 1dddbacbb252af5d228ba48a1e494145386aef92 (Apr 9 2016)

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Updated 2,703 Days Ago

You will likely just want to write a script to manually generate passwords and insert them for users and notify everyone on next login that they need to go and change them. That is the only way I currently see to do this.

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