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"No configured storage engine can store this file" when trying to use memes

Asked by keithzg on Feb 1 2017, 5:32 AM.


Recently, I've had issues getting memes/macros to actually show up. This roughly coincides with an upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 16.04, although that could be a red herring.

Anyways, at first, checking my apache2 log, I had errors from the imagemagick "convert" command, and I appear to have dealt with this, but this has only fixed a few GIFs. Now, rather than imagemagick errors, I find myself with errors like

[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.599297 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client] [2017-01-31 22:06:56] EXCEPTION: (Exception) No configured storage engine can store this file. See "Configuring File Storage" in the documentation for information on configuring storage engines. at [<phabricator>/src/applications/files/storage/PhabricatorFile.php:318]
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.599915 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client] arcanist(head=master, ref.master=ade25facfdf2), phabricator(head=master, ref.master=239b7c7f5c8b), phutil(head=master, ref.master=9d85dfab0f53)
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.600001 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client]   #0 <#2> PhabricatorFile::buildFromFileData(string, array) called at [<phabricator>/src/applications/files/storage/PhabricatorFile.php:422]
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.600081 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client]   #1 <#2> PhabricatorFile::newFromFileData(string, array) called at [<phabricator>/src/applications/files/PhabricatorImageTransformer.php:20]
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.600133 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client]   #2 <#2> PhabricatorImageTransformer::executeMemeTransform(PhabricatorFile, string, string) called at [<phabricator>/src/applications/macro/controller/PhabricatorMacroMemeController.php:59]
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.600184 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client]   #3 <#2> PhabricatorMacroMemeController::generateMacro(PhabricatorUser, string, NULL, NULL) called at [<phabricator>/src/applications/macro/controller/PhabricatorMacroMemeController.php:17]
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.600233 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client]   #4 <#2> PhabricatorMacroMemeController::handleRequest(AphrontRequest) called at [<phabricator>/src/aphront/configuration/AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php:269]
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.600282 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client]   #5 phlog(Exception) called at [<phabricator>/src/aphront/handler/PhabricatorDefaultRequestExceptionHandler.php:41]
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.600329 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client]   #6 PhabricatorDefaultRequestExceptionHandler::handleRequestException(AphrontRequest, Exception) called at [<phabricator>/src/aphront/configuration/AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php:678]
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.600374 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client]   #7 AphrontApplicationConfiguration::handleException(Exception) called at [<phabricator>/src/aphront/configuration/AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php:274]
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.600422 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client]   #8 AphrontApplicationConfiguration::processRequest(AphrontRequest, PhutilDeferredLog, AphrontPHPHTTPSink, MultimeterControl) called at [<phabricator>/src/aphront/configuration/AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php:181]
[Tue Jan 31 22:06:56.600470 2017] [:error] [pid 2275] [client]   #9 AphrontApplicationConfiguration::runHTTPRequest(AphrontPHPHTTPSink) called at [<phabricator>/webroot/index.php:17]

Note that I do have local storage configured. I get this on certain (albeit not all; it seems at first glance to correlate with large sizes) GIFs when trying to embed them as image macros.

This is even happening with previously working GIFs.

Since I upgraded the underlying server from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 16.04 while simultaneously keeping Phabricator up to date and moving to new PHP packages since Ubuntu 16.04 doesn't ship with PHP 5 (I'm running php5.6 via ppa:ondrej/php) I'm not sure which, if any, change precipitated this---too many moving parts all at once. All I know for sure is that this newfound lack of memes makes me unhappy.

Macro grumpy:  I want my moving pictures back

(Asking here instead of in Maniphest because I'm 95% sure I'm doing something wrong, but I sure haven't figured out what it is!)