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Have there been any changes in the way phabricator shows file attachements?
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Asked by OCram on Nov 16 2016, 9:08 AM.


I noticed some weird behavior on our phabricator instance when I click on any attached image:

The URI changes but nothing else. I tested with differnt browsers (Chrome and Firefox) on different clients.
I also tried it with different phabricator users. And now it gets strange: If I try to shown the same image with different phabricator users ( my personal and admin) it works with the admin account.

Any Ideas? - I really don't know how to go on with the troubleshooting :(

And yes, I terminated all phabricator sessions and deleted the browser cache^^


Updated 1,402 Days Ago

The reason is:
If a user enabled the conpherence Persistent Chat and the connection fails, linked images in remarkup files won't load.

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