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Associate old commits with new phabricator user
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Asked by sshannin on Jul 18 2016, 7:18 PM.


I have an existing contributor to our codebase who just created a phabricator account on our install with the same username as in the repository.

The repository was imported a while ago (before his account was created) and thus the commits render his username, but do not seem tied to the newly created account.

What is the suggested way to reparse the repository to fix this?

My main fear is accidentally creating a wave of notifications/destroying feed/losing audits, etc. as ever single commit is reprocessed. The --change flag for ./bin/repository reparse doesn't offer much specifics on what it will do. Will it do what I want? Can I run it without concern as to my points above about notifications?


Updated 1,379 Days Ago

I finally got the nerve to try it. Reparse (although it mentions being targeted for phabricator's own development workflow) seemed to do the trick.

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